Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kitchen Reno

Well today we managed to get some things done, even though we had a houseful of kids running around...nap time was the most productive time, of course. Mike took out the old piece of counter in the bay window and replaced it with 1/2 plywood. We will tile it as we tile the back splash.
new hardware is all can't tell from the pictures but the color is a rubbed bronze, although it looks black
He also finished the gap left under the cabinet where the old microwave would have been in the '80's. I will tile right up to the underside of that cabinet so that the tile shows behind the decorative shelf I'll put up for my radio and knick-knacks. We were just too busy with watching kids to get any tiling done, and I know I really wanted it finished before I started babysitting kids. I only get them for a few days this week so I can restrain myself until I have time.
a big stack of tile ready to be glued on
If you all know me, I like to get things done right away, and plow through until whatever I'm working on is finished until the end. So starting and stopping is really killing me inside! :) That and the knowledge that my weekends are running out, with me on the decorating committee for dance and recitals coming for gymnastics and dance, then Easter right after. I'm looking forward to the end of school and summer break for some slower days!
I won't post any kitchen pictures until it's all finished, with toe kicks and trim and grout left to do. It will be the big reveal, so stay tuned!
I hope you all have a great week!

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