Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kitchen Reno

I was right about the rocket-box...Brandon noticed it right away yesterday and asked if he could turn it into a spaceship! That will be our weekend project I guess.

Mike was confident using the contact cement, as it wasn't his first time using it, but I chuckled when I saw he also picked up contact cement remover. You gotta know my husband...he really does have two left feet and has tripped over lines in our lino. The remover was a necessary pre-cautionary addition to the workshop.
Mike worked all morning and afternoon and the three smaller counter tops are on, leaving me with some touch-ups to do where the back splash on the old one met the cabinets. He got to use some tools he hadn't had the chance to use in quite a while, and had fun getting dirty (*insert Tim the Tool Man grunts here*).

The entire house smells like a glue factory, much to Brandon's disgust, and he's been walking around with his shirt up over his nose...and has been downstairs to avoid doing that as well.
Tomorrow after supper the large piece will be finished and we'll let it sit in the garage for the night to get rid of some of the stinky smell. On Friday I will whip into the city and get my tile and grout, and get them up by Saturday night. Because they are quite porous, I need to get them sealed before I grout.
If I can follow this schedule then I should be drinking coffee in my new kitchen on Monday morning. But we all know how reno schedules go...don't we?? :)

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