Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tyvek Never Looked So Good To Me

 So far a few things have progressed:
Soffit and facia, Tyvek wrap, tub, two showers, and soon to be interior water lines, shingles, insulation, and siding.

Since the pictures were taken on the fly during innocent drive by's, all we had on us were our cell phones.  The last time we went on a drive by we saw the workers there, and went to the closest Timmy's to grab them all a coffee to warm up their cold hands.  At least this week we have seen single digit temperatures, so the guys don't totally have to freeze while working.  Even though it is their job, I still feel for them working in bitterly cold conditions.  Thankfully our basement is heated, and they can run down there to warm up.  :)
All is looking good: and yesterday, due to my desire to escape my children, I could have went over there to sit by myself for a quiet cup of tea in my very own basement.  That sounds so lovely...don't discount me on that idea just yet!!

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