Saturday, January 5, 2013

...And Now the Fun Begins!

I love hunting for design elements that I love.  Sometimes I find something in a bargain bin that's not quite there, but close enough and so I'll get it.  Only to be dissatisfied later on down the road, which will start the bittersweet cycle of hunting all over again.
I look online, and never settle for anything there as I have to keep a shrewd eye on shipping costs.  But I really love to shop online and I can find things there that I just can't find anywhere around me.  My style leans towards Arts and Crafts, and so I have been stockpiling some items over the last year or so to decorate my new house with.
A word art sign I made for the bathroom to frame up
I recently tried hunting for some of these items, and was glad when I came across a few bins I had tucked away in the storage room labeled "Girls".  Excited, I opened it up.
Inside was a fluffy mohair pillow, a sign that read "Bon Appetit", a lamp, and some mismatched cast iron frames hidden among twinkle lights.  I realized then that I was unorganizing my organizing skills and moved some things to another bin.
You see, I have a vision.  Well, tons of visions, really.  And I am focused on turning each room into what I see in my mind.  With the kid's help I have tried hard to give them the room of their dreams to make the move to the new house that much more exciting.  Think elegant diva for Jacelyn, who chose purples, white, and black with a Perisian theme that has been fun searching bargain websites for.  I just recently found an old metal headboard from the Restore that I will antique even more and which will be the focal point of her room with sheer drapes and twinkle lights cascading behind from ceiling to floor behind it.  And Charlie has chosen butterflies for her room, with girly ruffles and bright springtime colors.  I have a few projects in mind for some canvas art as well that she can help me with.  Brandon is going all boy, with a skateboarding theme and a bright teal focal wall with skateboards for shelves and a silhouette mural of a dude hanging ten.  I will have my work cut out for me, but if I get my projects done before hand I can focus on painting focal walls in the bedrooms...and I like to paint.
Jacelyn fell in love with this diva inspired room, which suits her to a tee (miss diva herself) and I have started making this ruffled bedpread above.

Charlie always turns to this page in the Sears catalog and so I will try my best to imitate her favorite things from the picture.

Brandon's inspiration for his room came from his desire to learn to skateboard.

So far I have found:
a large wooden word spelling out "Welcome" in a distressed bold red color,
a hanging rusted iron sign that I think I bought for the bar area downstairs, as well as some vintage metal beer and pop logo signs,
teetering coffee cups that are quite large and distressed made from aged tin for the kitchen,
some frames, pictures, and vintage mirror, I think for a collage of frames and pictures for the stairwell,
and a cool old suitcase that I didn't need but thought looked cool.

I really am getting excited to start gathering things to finish off the house, and find myself looking for things like stools for the island.  I'd like to start buying some stuff but just don't have the room to do it and so I guess I'll just have to find some more patience somewhere.

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