Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mount Joy Snowboarding Club

The kids started their first weekend of snowboarding club, which is an intensive 10 week program at Mount Joy Ski Hill.  They go every Saturday and Sunday from now until March, and hopefully some more concrete hours will be set soon.  Right now it looks like they will split everyone up into two groups and then maybe they will only have to go on one day.
The lessons are a bit boring; while the instructor is working with one kid the rest have to sit there tied to their boards on the hill in the snow until their turn.  And it is cold wet fun doing that...not my cup of tea certainly and so I feel guilty telling them to buck up and ride it out (no pun intended).  I explained that once the initial skill learning is over then it will be more fun as they learn to carve and let loose down a ski run.
The temperatures were great and the hill was busy, but the kids were glad to come home to a hot slow cooker meal and some relaxing few hours before bed.

Oh ya, and we got shingles! :)

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