Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bit by Bit; Little by Little

We saw the siding going up and so Mike stopped to take some pictures.  We took the opportunity of a free Wednesday with only one kid to run after to go to Home Depot to scope out oil rubbed bronze fixtures, handles, and bathroom mirrors.  We walked out with a big number plate for the house and ideas in our heads.  I actually ordered a sink fixture off of Ebay last night and got it for half the price it is in the store.  Nice.  Also saw some for the four bathroom sinks and they, too are half price, but I put in a bid to the seller and so am waiting to hear back if he will accept my offer of $50.00 per faucet.  For oil rubbed bronze they are over half the price of the same brand at the hardware store.  I really love Ebay, but really need to watch a few things: shipping costs, what percentage of positive feedback the seller has received ( I never buy from a seller with less than 98% positive feedback), what brand name the products are because I don't want knock offs for certain things (especially things like faucets) and the quality of construction.  I usually cross reference my choices before buying also to make sure that what I'm buying is the real deal.  And since I'm ordering well in advance I can take it all apart to make sure everything I need is there.

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