Monday, January 21, 2013

Catching Up

We stopped by to take some pictures a few days ago.  We always go at night when we do, and the kids get a charge out of creeping around the house in the dark with their flashlights until Mike plugs in the construction lights.
Things are moving along ahead of schedule, even though it always looks like not much has been happening.  But every time we go over there we always see a few new things to note down...we like to document and take photos of important things like where the electrical is.
So far the duct work is pretty much finished, and all the plumbing is ready to go.  The gas line to the fireplace, deck and furnace was installed, and the electrical is almost finished.  
As we walk around we always make a note of things that we want to mention to the builder, such as floor sweeps for the central vac that we want installed in the kitchen and foyer, and where to install the skylight in the bathroom ( centered we decided ).
I know we aren't the first people to build a house, and while I feel a bit embarrassed at the excitement I feel when I want to talk about it all, I have to remind myself that it is the first house we have ever built.  :)

Looking into the bathroom; double vanity to the left and laundry room to the right at the back

Bar area to the left against the wall, with the hallway to Brandon's room, mechanical room, and Jacey's room (far right)

Jacelyn standing in her closet

Mech room...had to laugh at the little tiny furnace in the back corner.

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