Friday, March 2, 2012

Winter has arrived. In March.

Yes, old man Winter finally paid us a visit, and dumped about 5 inches of snow yesterday. In fact, I even saw the first ski-dooer last night enjoying the new powder, at 10:30 pm as it sped down my road. Ah only in rural Saskatchewan can you enjoy that.
And speaking of new powdery snow, I finally think I solved our neighborhood's problem regarding drag racing teenagers stunting down our road every day at lunch and after school!
I stood outside with Charlie while she played in the snow, and I just happened to have around my neck my camera; huge zoom lens glinting in the sunlight. As the kid came zipping around the blind corner at the end of my street, truck ass sideways as he enjoyed the ride around the corner, I just happened to click the shutter. And again. And again. Oopsie...before I knew it I was snapping away like the paparazzi, with the electronic "ch-cheee, ch-cheee" ringing in my ear each time I took a shot. As he sped by me, knowing that he'd been caught, he tried to hide his face. I just kept on snapping. It was actually quite funny. I must have taken 15 shots in succession! Ha ha!
I uploaded the photos on the computer, and was amazed...I not only got the licence plate, which is really what I was after besides the make of the truck, but I also could count this little man's freckles on his face! Each and every one.
So with my evidence safely saved on my USB, I will wait for him to get the courage to dare to drive like that down my street again. When he does, then I will give the pictures to the proper higher power.
The problem with these teenagers is that they blow through the stop signs in the school zone with no regard to the kids who are walking home. In fact, last year, I was picking the kids up and had just ushered them across the road to my van when the teenagers came ripping around the corner and hit the ditch where my kids and their friends were standing not 5 seconds before. They weren't even in the van yet! I turned to give the kids a piece of my mind but the car was gone again.
Since then it's gotten worse, and I'm not sure what the lure of my street is to these kids! If it's not every day this kid drives down it, it's at least 3 days a week, at noon and after school!
Yes my attempt at being a spy could have backfired on me...I could have my tires slashed, our property damaged, or worse...this I understand. But I'm more concerned about my children's safety and the other kids on this block. There are 12 children who live on our street, not including the other 7 who are adjacent to us. All it takes for action to take place is a child to be hit, and then it's too late in my eyes.
Our best friends in the city have this problem too...they have huge barricades next to the curb to warn off the jerks who cut the corner. I wish I could put barricades at the end of my street!
I would like to go to this kid's parents, but after Mike and I studied his face we still don't know who he belongs to. So, after already having made a complaint to the RCMP to no avail, I will just take the USB to the high school principal and go from there. I'm not sure how much he will be able to help, but, until children get home from school, they are the school's responsibility. So far, the truck hasn't been down our street this week! Maybe my evil plan worked!

AHHHHHHH. There, what a purge! I think I'll leave it at that for the day. Have a good weekend!

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