Saturday, March 10, 2012

Almost Ready...

Tonight Mike finished up:
1. The trim downstairs.

2. The stairs.

3. The trim upstairs.

Which means a whole lot of touching up for me in the very near future. Good thing I don't have much else to do with just Charlie and I the only ones home during the weekday. At this rate we can show the house sooner than April, although Mike would like to be able to show the backyard without any snow. I said that's what pictures are for.

On another note, to give ourselves a break from over-working on the house and at the office, Mike sprung a mini getaway on us and we went to stay at a hotel in North Battleford so that the kids could waterslide until they couldn't waterslide any more. After a filling breakfast we made our way to Table Mountain for some snowboarding. The kids had a great time, so great that there was no fighting at all. It was a good way to unwind.

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