Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The House is Officially "For Sale"

Last night the last of the pictures were taken, making our house officially for sale without it being on the market yet. It's nerve-wracking for me to put it on the market in April as I don't want to wait too long so that it sells at the end of June like we want. However I understand that if the house is up for sale too early then it could also sell too fast, and we aren't ready to move until July. I will sit back and let Mike deal with that stuff...he knows what he's doing after all. Both times we have sold our own houses they went so fast...a week I do believe...and the one time it was so quick that we had to really hunt for another house to buy as there wasn't much on the market and the one we did like sold fast also to someone else. Some people thrive on the real estate bandwagon...I guess my nerves aren't as steady as those who do.
And here I am getting ready to move to a condo to live short term while we build a new house...from a real estate perspective I don't see how it can get much more nerve wracking than that! I think that my binder full of ideas and plans for each and every room will help me stay focused on what I need and what I want, which should also help me stay grounded and sane. I am a family can attest to that by the way I like to plan events months in advance so that I know what's going on. If I don't I seem to feel a loss of control over the situation or that aspect of my life. Hmm, sounds like that anal retentive half of me rears it's ugly head more often than I like! Ah well, better to be organized and aware of my situation than to be turning in circles, half sick with trepidation over what may come to be...I am a self-proclaimed worry wart, I know! :)
So that being said, we sent off the first of a few emails to some buyers Mike has been working with for a while who are looking for our type of house in this area. Already we got a reply back, interested and maybe even wanting a look on the weekend. Waiting for purchasers to sell their own houses first before buying another is also nerve-wracking, but I'm not going to dwell on it...we have an amazing house and I'm certain it won't sit for long.

bedroom 2

bedroom 3

bedroom 3

basement bedroom

dining room

front pond



lilies in the lily garden out front...a splendor in August.

living room

main floor bathroom

main floor laundry

master bath

master bedroom

master closet

room off the kitchen...den, office or playroom

Of course you all know what the backyard looks like, and added to the whole package I think the property is a gem. What do you think?

Now that I'm done renovating I hope I'll have time to scrapbook some, and start sewing a project for the girls' rooms...ruffled throws for the last third of the bed. They will look like this:
Actually, this bedroom is quintessentially Jacelyn's bedroom...I have been stockpiling items for her "Girl Glitz Glamour" boudoir as she calls it. Picture lavender walls, damask curtains, this ruffled throw I'm sewing, a pretty chandelier, and black and white polka dots and black accents to top it all off. So excited to do this for her...the room is very girly but will last her into her teens.

The other two have picked out themes for their new rooms in the new house, but that's another blog for another day. Have a great week everyone!

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