Friday, January 20, 2012

A Tale of Two Jerseys

Mike and I are going on a date.
And it's going to last the entire day!
We try to do a few things alone throughout the year, and it's getting easier now as the kids get older.
So, tomorrow we are heading to Edmonton for the Oilers game...who are playing The Flames. I'm very excited about my first 'Battle of Alberta' game. It's even a Hockey Night in Canada game, so maybe you'll see us on TV. My hubby and I agree that the Oilers need to pick it up a notch, and with a lot of key players injured it is anybody's game with Calgary having a good season so far. I'll be on the edge of my seat!
I bought jerseys for Mike and I with my Christmas money, and I was happy to get rid of my ugly old jersey and replace it with the vintage design that Gretzky wore. I really hated the big oil drop that looked like a comet. Blue and orange is so much better. People ask me why I like the Oilers. My answer is:
1. Wayne Gretzky...I just love him...what he stands for, the way he was raised, and what brought to the game of hockey and how he changed it too.
2. Edmonton is so close to home soil, and it's nice to have a team to cheer for at home games.
3. Wayne Gretzky. I'm a loyal fan, and can't help it.
Of course no trip to Edmonton is complete without a stop at...yes...Costco. Not just for groceries this time but I wanted to try out their photo service. So I ordered a huge print of the three kids together to put on the wall behind my couch. It cost all of twenty bucks and it is 24x36. I'm anxious to see how the quality is. If it's not so great I won't feel like I threw away a fortune.
Then we'll toddle over to West Ed mall to walk around, look for some clothes for Charlie, and have supper at Red Lobster. We'd like to get to the game early to ensure parking in our favorite parking lot a half a kilometer away, and have a drink in the pub at Rexall Place.
It will be a great night by ourselves, and we are really looking forward to it.

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