Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fondue Like You've Never Fondued Before

The kids have never fondued and so we decided to get them around the fondue pot tonight to try it out...and to see how well they could practice their patience while they waited.
Besides oil-frying, we introduced them to a gourmet cheese fondue as well as a chocolate fountain for dessert.
They loved it! I knew they would, and while they had a bit of a struggle with the waiting for the meat to cook, and trying to keep their eyes off of the chocolate pouring out of the fountain until dessert time, they did pretty well all in all. Jacelyn was the most difficult through the whole thing, asking over and over again if she could dip her fingers into the chocolate. In hindsight I just should have let her, and then maybe she would have dropped it. Instead I said no, and she continued to ask on and off for 15 minutes. When will I learn to pick my battles??
Brandon liked it the most, with Charlie pulling up the rear, and I expected this as she's only 2 1/2 years old. Of course the chocolate fountain went over the best, with the three of them gathered around it like pigs around the trough. So cute.

The night before we imbibed in our Friday Pizza Night, and I had made up the pizza crusts in advance so that all they had to do was make up their own pizza when the time came. They always like that, and we get to spend some time in the kitchen together as well. Charlie's was the most interesting, with everything on it from black olives to pineapple to onions. She likes it loaded!! Now, if the kids would only help me clean up after all these fun family nights I'd be tempted to have more of them...what a mess!

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