Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Old Man Winter

Here we are, Wednesday, and the windchill this morning was in fact -53. Now that is cold.
I drove the kids to school and with no buses running was able to park right up at the doors to let them out. As soon as the van door opened they sucked in their breath when the cold air hit their lungs. "Run!" I said, laughing, and away they disappeared into the school. I'm so glad they can still go to school for the day where they can run and play and do activities to keep them busy. If they were home for these last few days they would be going bonkers, and driving me up the wall in the process. I was worried about Mike being home today too, because when he has the day off he annoys me to point of distraction. I love it when he's here but he gets so bored that he is restless, which in turn ends up annoying me. Still, I'd rather have him bugging me here than being on the road working in weather like this.
One thing I absolutely love about winter is how beautiful it looks out my window without me knowing what the temperature is outside. Because, today, it looks amazing out there, and with the white snow reflecting the sunlight it's hard to stay indoors when all I want to do is take Charlie for a toboggan ride.

Yes, you sure can't tell from this picture that it is -43 outside!

As a side note, my husband, who is forever bringing me flowers or such when he comes home, brought me this plant last week. I have no idea what this flowering gem is called but I really do love it. The blooms remind me of orchids. If any of you may have an idea what this plant may be called, leave me a comment!

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