Monday, January 16, 2012

-39 Holding

Wow, what a reality check for the kids this morning to go from -9 on Friday during their walk home from school, to being -39 this morning with the windchill.
Welcome to Saskatchewan, Canada, where everyone in the Home of the Brave freezes their buns off in January! Hopefully some of those flu bugs out there will die off too.
It looks like the cold will last all week, with Wednesday being the chilliest, with a windchill of -43. The kids are hoping for a no school day that day...we will see! Jacelyn is supposed to be going with her class on a bit of a field trip that day and I'm half hoping if it will be so cold that they will cancel it.

Jacelyn has been into dressing herself, putting on make up, and wanting her hair to be brushed. She's not really a tom boy, but she's never been very girly either. Lately, however, she wants me to help her get made up a bit more than usual: putting her hair in curlers, teaching her how to put on her lipstick, etc. Last night after her shower she wanted her hair curly for school the next day so I rolled it up for her. I forgot to take a picture of her before she went out the door this morning, but she looked cute. I'm sure her toque will take care of that today.

I spent Friday printing off the rest of my scrapbook layouts for 2011...there were 22 in all! I couldn't believe it. Oh but it was a big relief to get them done and put away in the album. Now I can start all over again for the new year.
paper: Karen Funk "For the Boys" Design House Digitals,
alpha: Desert Camo
elements: DSP, 2 Peas in a Bucket "Your Day to Shine"

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