Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Lazy Saturday's Fun

My kids are usually at each other's throats (and on my last nerve) by early afternoon on Saturdays, and so to counteract the inevitable shouting match I told them to pick out their favorite kind of cupcakes and we'd make them. So they did, choosing Chocolate Fudge and Angel Food. We set to work mixing them up, making mini cupcakes as well as a few big ones too. Afterwards they began to disappear quite fast as they cooled, and I didn't have the heart to get mad as it's a long wait for cupcake-hungry tummies to wait for the finished product.
I scrapped some while Mike showed houses, and then visited with mom while the boys were at a hockey game. We finished the night playing cards (and drinking too many drinks) into the wee hours of Sunday morning, then mom and I went grocery shopping most of Sunday afternoon. Add to all that a few loads of laundry and I've got myself a super-exciting action packed weekend!

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