Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Smores Sundae

Brandon poses with his Smores Sundae

Tonight for dessert Brandon was dying to try out a recipe he found in his summer edition of OWL magazine. A yummy 6 layer parfait called a "Smores Sundae". And wow what a tasty parfait it was! I was proud of him for making them for us all pretty much by himself. 

Smores Sundae
Smores Sundae
1 pkg Chocolate Pudding..we used cooked pudding as it's fudgier :)
crumbled up graham crackers...we used mixture of crumbs, melted margarine, and sugar instead.
mini marshmallows
vanilla ice cream
whipped cream
chocolate chips
maraschino cherry on top

Layer the above ingredients, starting with pudding at the bottom, then the crumbs, followed by marshmallows, more pudding, ice cream, and finally the whipped cream. Finish with a sprinkle of milk chocolate chips and a cherry.

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