Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pulling out the Big Guns

Now that the yard has taken shape, the grass has rooted and lost the checkerboard look, and we have begun to enjoy it, it's time to focus on the deck.
Or, rather, Mike has begun to focus on the deck.
It's not easy to haul around 2x8x16 foot joists by yourself, and I helped with some lifting of the beams, which were 6x25, and making sure things were level as we went.
So far what he has done is the structure for the upper deck, which is 16x25, and 10x24 for the lower deck. He is designing the floor of the deck with a border of Trex decking, which is a new thing for us, as we just build, not design. But the border and railing cap will be a dark walnut color, which will offset the natural color of the wood.  The spindles will be black iron, and that's a new element for us as well.

I can't wait to see it finished, and use the shady space the new area will create, as our yard is so hot and open that we don't sit out there much at all during the summer in the day. The new sitting area will have outdoor furniture to lounge on and enjoy our time outdoors with company so much better.

The trex on the lower deck..the inner part will be filled with natural wood.
 The dining area needs to be framed yet, and will be 12x12 with a pergola over top, which will sit below the BBQ area...that will be 8x6 and the BBQ will be built into a prep area as well.

I think Mike is trying to make this yard look so nice that I won't want to move away...but that's another story for another time!

Some of my lilies are beginning to bloom!! So excited. Aren't they gorgeous?


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