Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last minute touch ups...

Mike completed these louvres on Wednesday night, and I looove them. They add much needed privacy from the neighbors, while adding a decorative element without using...ugh...lattice (I hate lattice).
I was pleasantly surprised by the louvres, as I didn't know what he was going to put up there, and more importantly for me I wanted to be able to see into the backyard at the kids while cooking.

The BBQ area

Look at that big, empty spot to the right of the picture under the BBQ area...isn't that the perfect spot for a hot tub???? With a pergola and patio lights over top a hot tub I would consider the outdoor area complete...but not without a beer in my hand.
Of course we still have to spray on our Thompson's water sealer, and I think Mike needs to finish some trim work, which I can hear that he has started already. So now I guess I need to have a BBQ and invite over some company to make use of this new yard! There is still a month of summer left!

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