Sunday, July 24, 2011

Deck Update!

Well here we are 4 weeks after Mike first started to work on the deck, and this weekend was productive enough, with the help of his dad, to have us able to stand on the deck last night. They worked hard non stop until after 6pm getting the boards on the upper level, leaving time this morning before his dad left to put up a few of the railings. The area to the right of the lower level on the picture above will be left for next year, as we are thinking of a private hot tub area instead of a dining area...the deck is big enough so we decided to veto that part of the design!
So far it looks great, and I enjoyed surfing the web with my salmon salad and a beer tonight at my table outside.
Today also concluded my 12 week subscription to weight watchers. It was an enjoyable experience, and I learned alot about portion control, meal ideas, and maintaining my weight once I take it off. Through tracking my food everyday at each meal I was able to see what I was putting into my mouth, and discovered I am a stress eater, meaning I overeat when I'm stressed out. Which is almost all the time. Most are surprised by this truth about me, but those closest to me understand this and what my stressors are. I just hide it very well in public!
Now that I know how to eat I can control what I eat. And we know that it's not just about diet change, but a lifestyle change...our fridge is stocked to the max with fruits and veggies. When most would eat mashed potatoes, we eat mashed/pureed cauliflower. And we changed our chip cravings into Quaker crispy mini's! No chocolate, no bread, no potatoes or pasta, and red meat once a week. The rest of our diet is mainly fruit for snacks and salads. We do opt for baby potatoes once in a while, or veggies on a skewer, but mostly we keep it very simple...and packed full of flavor so we don't get too bored with our meals!!
Mike has been following along with me as well, considering that he has to eat what I eat when I prepare food. So far he's lost 44 lbs and looks great. Not only that, he's happy. That means the world to me. The fact that I was keeping him unhealthy by making too many desserts and keeping my stash of chocolate almonds was taking a toll on him.
And I have lost 41 lbs, and feel great as well. Here are my stats since starting 12 weeks ago:
Weight: -41 lbs
Waist: -5 3/4 inches
Hips: -4 1/4 inches
Bust: 5 1/2 inches
Arms: 1 1/2 inches
Dress Sizes: -6!!! I am wearing an 8 again and love buying medium and small tops!
Thighs: 5 inches (combined)

This last weekend I was thrilled when I got to buy size 28 Silver favorite brand.
While I will never be petite ( I weighed 130 lbs when I was a size 1 ), it will be an everyday thing for me to watch what I put in my mouth. I don't treat myself too often but that's because if I give in then I want more and it becomes too easy for me to sneak a bite here and there of the kids' stuff...which is what got me to my heavy weight to begin with.

The most important thing is that I'm happy, Mike is happy, and we are looking forward to the weeks to come.
me all happy.