Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Backyard 3

Sherry drives the bobcat, removing all of the sod

To bring you all up to speed with our backyard crash, the last three days have looked like this:

pallets of paving stones

levelling the patio area

Today the patio will hopefully be finished, and topsoil and rock are being delivered this morning. We have been looking at different distributors for recycled rubber tires that have been ground up into mulch for the play area. We found one in Saskatoon and they deliver 2000 pound bales to your house, and we also heard of a lady in Unity that has rubber mulch by the 50 pound bag. We'll be giving her a call later on today.
As you can see things are shaping up nicely, and we very excited to have it finished soon. Sod is priced right now at 31 cents per square foot if you pick it up yourself, and luckily we have a few friends with big trailers. We picked up our trees yesterday at the nursery as well; Brandon Cedars, Dwarf Norway Spruce, potentillas, and Japanese Barberry bushes. I'll intersperse rock garden plants like ornamental grasses, hens and chicks, and creeping thyme around the dry creek bed later on. In a few years it should start looking fuller and more mature.
Can't wait to start planting!

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