Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rain at long Last!

The rain came down yesterday and today, and thankfully we were as finished as we could be with the yard until the sod comes here next Friday.
Mike and I hired a fellow on the next street over to bucket the 22 yards of gravel dumped out front to the back on Tuesday; we had just finished all the planting the night before.

Mike and I spent all Tuesday from 3:30 until 9:30 spreading the gravel, and then Mike and Martin finished the play area off with rubber mulch.
Since then nothing much else has happened, other than measuring up the yard last night so we could order the sod, and making rough plans for the two-tiered deck. Then the rain started, and by the looks of it will continue on and off until next Tuesday.
The tree Mike bought me...Weeping Birch
We added a few Norway Spruce at the back, and will add stepping stones to the shed door, and a wood shack in front of the fence.

this it what the rubber mulch looks like...ground up recycled tires, super springy to walk on, and will absorb some of the hurt from any falls the kids have. Love it.

I have a few flower pots to plant, and we can putz around with the dry creek bed as I picked up a fountain yesterday for it. I may have to look at plants this weekend for the creek bed, as the nurseries are all having their sales to get ready for the end of the season, which is July 1st. So plant choices are limited, but up to half off as well. I like hens and chicks, creeping thyme, and a neat red plant called Dragon's Blood stonecrop.

creeping thyme

blue fescue
dragon's blood

hens and chicks

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