Monday, May 30, 2011

For the love of Sod

We rented  a sod cutter from the city on Sunday and Mike spent an hour cutting the sod. I followed behind, rolling some of it to make it easier for the landscaper to take away. Today when we went out after supper the sod had dried so much that I couldn't roll it up, and it blew around like hay when I shoveled it. Good's ready to be hauled away. Hopefully the round up Mike sprayed last week will stop the sod from rooting again, especially if we are supposed to get rain this week.

panoramic view of backyard

The kids were right in there, rolling up the sod...they petered out pretty fast though when the job lost all it's glamour. We are waiting for the landscaper to call us back to give us a start date. Mike is going to take off some time when they get here, so that we can pitch in and get dirty to cut down some of the labor cost. The entire quote for the yard, including new sod, rock garden along the above left fence and all the extras was reasonable, until we saw the price jump after adding on the labor. Hoo, boy, we just couldn't do that this year so opted for backyard demolition, and we will do the rest ourselves. Sod, deck, flagstone paths, rock garden with dry creek bed along one fence and a hosta garden along the other. Wow, looking at all of that is a little daunting...we are in for a lot of work. I guess we aren't taking any holidays this year either!! :)

I spent the day at the school today watching track and field. It felt a little different this year with two kids to watch instead of one! The kids had an absolute blast, and the weather was perfect for an outside day. I always get a kick out of the kids running the 400m. Even the kindergartens do it. A full lap around the track is enough to make anyone puke. Both kids did great, and managed to get around the track in one piece.

The kids love days where they can eat hot dogs, licorice and chips, and Popsicles, without mom ever saying "no". I was so jealous watching them eat yummy bbq'ed hot dogs, my summer favorite, while I ate my chicken spinach sandwich. Which is delicious, don't get me wrong; I load it up with deli sprouts, cucumber and tomatoes. I just know that my will power will only stretch so far, and if I even have a bite I'm a goner as I'll stuff more in my mouth. So far I've lost 28 pounds since April 26th, and once I started seeing results I stopped putting that kind of stuff into my mouth...just to be on the safe side!!
But boy did I wish it was a Snickers bar I was enjoying, rather than my little baggie of cauliflower and broccoli.

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