Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Night Update

Sherry back blades the yard on Thursday night

Friday morning...the north planting bed is burmed up and ready for plants

The south side of the yard is where we will be putting pea gravel under the play area to the right of the tree, and larger rock under the trampoline to the left of the tree. I'm thinking I'll plant another tree there as well...Silver Willow was recommended by Sherry.

Saturday morning the yard was levelled, back bladed and ready for us to finish the project ourselves. We really appreciated the help that Sherry and her landscaping crew gave us. Without them, it would have taken us forever to do this yard ourselves.
 Friday night we had another 30 yards of topsoil delivered to the house. In total, the backyard needed 100 yards of dirt to level it. At the back by the patio, the soil level had to come up 30 inches! As you can see, it is now ready for sod. We're hoping to get that in next weekend, and our rock will be here this week as well.

The shrubs are in, and after the rock arrives we will form a dry creek bed running along the curvy front area of the bed. After that is established I can shop for rock garden plants to place around the creek bed, span it with a little bridge, and add a few pots of plants.

Jacey's surgery went super well, by the way. She is a tough cookie and the anesthetic didn't bother her at all. I expected her to be groggy and grumpy when she got home, but she was great. She was even back to arguing with Brandon after he got home from school!

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