Friday, June 24, 2011

Before and After


Well...what do you think?
After three and a half weeks we finally have a new and improved yard. No more lumps and bumps that trip the kids or twist my ankle, and bye-bye to the ugly quack grass and general ugliness that we had to look at every day.
We really like it, and are looking forward to building the deck and having a fire on the new patio.
I'd like to string some patio lights at the back on the bamboo to give the area a get-a-way feel, and we still have to do the dry creek bed which will have to wait until I can sift thru my friends' rock pile.
There is a section of fence that the previous owners never bothered to stain, and matching it so far hasn't been easy. I've checked two places, and am thinking I'll have to do the whole damn thing in a different color. Which I'm not really willing to do, as I'm totally against staining or painting fences to begin with..the beauty of the wood is lost behind stains and colors. We feel the same about decks...just a water barrier is all we like so we can enjoy the wood in it's natural state. We are going with cedar for the deck, and just the smell of wood in the lumber yard is enough to make Mike go nuts! With all that cedar he wanted to offset it with some design elements using Trex decking as borders on the deck floor. I'm sure I'll be surprised..I'm leaving it up to him; I just nod my head and smile. It doesn't matter much to me, as long as I have a deck in the end. Ours is rotting so badly that we have actually gone thru it in a few spots. It will feel great to finally cut the thing off and haul it away.

my very trim hubby has worked very hard on this yard

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