Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Week

I can't believe how fast one week can go!
I spent the last one watching kids, getting the pond and fountains out front cleaned up and filled, doing general yard clean up and housework.
Just the basic daily chores of keeping the house clean behind 3 children keeps me busy enough, but adding in watching kids for up to 7 or 8 hours keeps me hopping! So far I'm not overtaxed with it, and actually like keeping myself going...until nap time, that is, when I can catch my breath and go outside for a bit.
I find that I fall into bed at night before 10pm, making me feel like a fuddy-duddy even while I can't seem to help it! :)
Mike and Brandon left for an exciting, snowy excursion this weekend...yes, they were trapped in Maryfield by the Manitoba border by a raging snowstorm and blizzard that brought over 30 cms to the area. He and his family were packing up his grandma and helping her move down to his parent's home town. They were storm stayed Saturday, when the highways around the town were shut down. They left this morning before 6 am, at a speed of 40 or 50 km/hr, and called me at 12:00 to say they had just left Regina after a quick bite to eat. Since the winds were supposed to pick up again in the afternoon, they wanted to make a break for it as early as they could as they were pulling a U-Haul.
Needless to say, the girls and I had a quiet weekend...we went to the city, BBQed, cleaned house, stripped beds and did the laundry. We enjoyed walks and played a few games, as well as playing outside until dark. Mike and I have only been apart a handful of times, and I hate being alone, though I handled it well...I only double checked the locks twice, rather than three times. But I did leave the hallway light on downstairs, and a few night lights burning upstairs. Silly, really, but times have changed enough to make me nervous about being alone. Anyhow, all will be right again in a few hours, when my men get home safe and sound.
Here are some pics that Mike sent on his Blackberry to mine:

......Crazy!! Welcome to Saskatchewan in the Spring!!

I made some time to scrapbook a little, I feel bad that I haven't been doing well in that area, but I haven't had time to take many pictures and therefore don't have any scrapping to do!

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