Saturday, April 23, 2011

Before...and After!!

The kitchen is done.

Here is the before shot:

And here is the after shot:

The whole process took 3 months, due to our tile never being in stock. After my aunt and uncle picked it up for us in Saskatoon, we got to work as soon as our company left after the weekend. This morning I just finished applying the last coat of sealer to the tile, and we love it.
We really do, and I'm glad I decided to surprise Mike with that hole in the wall 3 months ago.

Three big things that made the change great for me and what I learned:
1. I sure don't notice the ugly black slate lino anymore, I actually kinda like it.
2. Painted cupboards are worth the hassle if it means saving $10,000.00.
3. Giving an outdated 1980's kitchen a facelift is fun if your reno partner is fun to be around.

This summer I plan to tackle the main bathroom, as it is the only room in the house we never touched when we moved in. It's in need of a proper coat of paint and new fixtures as well. The toilet and flooring is new, and the tub is still ok. I'd like to replace the vanity and light fixture though. Other than new flooring and doors and baseboards, the interior of our home is done. Some day we'd like to re-side, and get new windows, but for now our backyard is taking precedence over those renovations.
Our backyard is huge...65 feet by 100 feet. WAY too big. We've drawn up a few different ideas for designs we like, one of them being this one:

I like this design, but I'm trying to convince Mike to not do the dry river bed, even though it will be nice and there is plenty of room for it. I just don't personally want to spend the money or hard work on it here, as I'd like to someday move to another town closer to where Mike works. Until that day comes, I want to enjoy the things we have done here, and focus on making good childhood memories for our kids.

a view of just the deck, but the lower part will actually be one step off the ground and covered with a pergola as the main eating area.

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