Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Whole lot of Nothing to Say

I logged into my blog tonight because I felt bad that I hadn't posted in such a long time. I hoped if I started writing that words would just flow from my fingertips. But all I want to do is crawl into bed, snuggle up with Mike and watch Criminal Minds until I fall asleep.
I watched 8 kids today, and the last ones left just after four. Then I trotted into Lloyd with mom and Jenine so she could buy her flowers. Of course I had to buy more too...the downfall of any gardener's passion. Some of my perennials passed away over the winter and needed replacing. I also picked up some rock garden-friendly cuties to plant around the pond.. I hope they will be happy there!
Our yard will be torn up in a few weeks, so Mike and I want to prepare it by rounding up all the grass, renting a sod cutter and making passes over the yard so the grass will be scooped easier by the bobcat.
We have been searching for a great privacy tree to line our fence with, and we found a few but aren't sure which one to go with.
This tree to the right is called a Swedish Aspen, and grows 4 to 5 feet a year and can get up to 40 feet high and 7 feet wide. Too big for what I want I think. Plus I really don't want to start raking leaves, as I don't have to now and don't want to start. The trees will be at the back edge of our rock bed, and it's not fun cleaning leaves out of rocks.
Another option is planting cedars, but unless the roots take hold the plant is too vulnerable for our cold winters and they usually end up dying. But if they do take hold they are so beautiful and green, and effectively block out neighbor's prying eyes.

I will continue to do research on the trees and see what we can come up with.

Our washer and dryer came yesterday, and while I was in the city Mike tore apart the laundry room and ripped out some of the lino to get the floor ready for the new stuff. (The lino is another story entirely as the ugly black slate is discontinued and Mike couldn't get any, meaning I have yet ANOTHER color of floor coloring in this house. I'm hoping that someday soon I can rip out the ugly black stuff and put in whatever it is Mike got for the laundry room and carry it down the hallway.)
The entire kitchen and laundry room now smells like..I can't even explain it! Like old glue and cat piss. I don't know why. And the Mickey Mouse set up the previous owners had for the dryer hook up had lint compacted under the lino under the dryer. Talk about a fire hazard. The 220 plug needs to be moved over to the other wall and the walls need to be patched and painted.
And I thought all we were getting was a new set of machines!
Well, now that I've been writing/watching Criminal Minds for the last hour, I guess I can put the laptop away and catch some sleep before the kids all come again tomorrow!
Good night!

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