Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Brought a little bit of Elton Home to YOU!

Last night was fantastic! I mean really great.

Firstly we met with some great friends who live in Warman and had supper, and drove to the concert from there with them...they have a parking pass and thought we should take advantage of that as well! It was nice to see them again.
I've listened to Elton John since I was a kid and know all the lyrics, but I was still blown away by the amazing talent that he is. I bought a t-shirt and a program to frame, and wore a hot pink feather boa while Mike wore big red glasses. I sat and danced in my seat for the first half, then everyone was on their feet from then on.
Wow...the way his hands made that piano sing made me tear up a few times, especially when he sang my favorite song Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Mike was waiting the entire 2 1/2 hours to hear his favorite Crocodile Rock, and finally got his wish at the finale. We were impressed he sang the entire time with no break, and came out for and encore to sign autographs and sing another song who he dedicated to someone in the sky boxes above us, saying "I love you and don't you ever ever forget that".
I'm so glad we went, as he announced to the audience he's finished making albums, and who knows when he'll tour again. Even though he should be sick of playing the same songs he's sung since 1969, he still jammed on that piano like it was his first could see he just loves to perform. The fact that we were close enough to play catch with him on the stage just added to the surreal feeling of being in the same room with such a legend.
No fancy pyro-technics or gaudy backups for Elton either, his piano was all he needed to stay a classic in my mind forever.
I could go on and on, but I'm sure you all get the idea...nothing he could have done would have been wrong in my eyes.

I am trying to post video, but blogger is sending me error messages. I'm uploading to You Tube right now and will post some video when they finish, it just takes forever for You Tube to upload stuff.
Take Care All!

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