Thursday, April 11, 2013

House Build...Paint!

I hope my blog isn't getting to boring.

I know alot of those who regularly check it out are wondering what's been going on, and my scrapbooking friends probably think I fell off the earth.

Well, a whole lot of nothing and a ton of everything has been going on around here, making our lives feel crazy and stressful.  I am trying to go with the flow and succeed most days (thank you Jasmine for being the best friend a crazy gal like me can have), thanks to the sounding boards I have all around me (mom and Mike...grandma and A.Rhonda).  I like to get ahead of myself which causes my brain to never, ever shut off, especially at night.  That is the downside of having an overactive imagination, which I should have put to good use like my high school English teacher told me to do and became a Journalist.  Then I could have at least made money from the rambling images that parade across my mind all day long.
Lots going on here keeps my thoughts occupied: painting...when is the painting going to start/end/hurry the hell up, snow, and more snow, taxes, moving my mom into the city and subsequently getting her house ready to sell, dance competitions, homework, piano lessons and an upcoming music festival my son can't prepare for properly because the piano that was fixed for 400.00 is broken again worse than before the guy fixed it, getting to Edmonton to drop off said piano, taxes (did I mention taxes?), some more snow, running the house, laundry-oh yes, it is still there waiting for me, trying to lose a few (10) pounds, trying to remember to be a good wife, ignorant people on the phone, and more dance competitions and recitals.
Oh, was that a run-on sentence?  I didn't notice...I was too busy trying to brush my teeth while I tied my shoes and blow dried my hair.
Sound crazy?  That's exactly how my mind has been running for two weeks.  And ever since I first uttered to my friend Jas that I was feeling stressed out, a floodgate has opened up.  Like as if my thoughts came running out of every hole in my head yelling, "Yay!!! Look out, here I come and I'm going to REALLY piss you off!"
I am not much of a go with the flow lady and I need to have a plan.
So I have a new plan: I'm going to roll with it.  Starting today.  Oh not yet it's only 11:37...I will tomorrow.  I promise.

Jas came with me to the house tonight after I escaped at 9:30 and we got to take a peek at some of the painting going on.  So far the last week has been prep...and more and more prepping for paint.  Which is a great thing!! And it did look good.  :)

Looking great! Maybe some flooring by next Friday????  Probably not. :)

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