Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sunshine...and the subsequent result of water in the basement.

My house key has been confiscated.

I haven't been able to see anything since my last post due to the painters being there until midnight all last week, and now the flooring is being laid and to prevent mud being brought in the key is in the builder's trusty hands. :)
I would so love to see what is going on; it is killing me in fact.  Mike has been there twice for this and that, and has seen the walls painted.  When I tried to go last night to measure the windows for blinds as I wasn't able to all last week (they take 2-3 to arrive and so I wanted it timed just right), I found myself taking big boots and my Dawg shoes and getting stuck in the muck all for nothing as the key was missing from it's hiding spot.
Well, if the blinds are a bit late I will just have to live with it.
Unless I can get in there tomorrow morning, that is. :)  We tried to get in this morning after I dropped off Charlie at school (prime time as we were kid less , but the floor-er was laying the linoleum in the front entryway.  So we gave our newly varathaned mantle to the builder instead and I will just have to wait some more.
The next few weeks will be crazy around here.
My mom got a call from the apartment complex she sent an application to saying she could move in May 1st.  Awesome news for all of us, and I love that her balcony faces an empty green space and has a huge evergreen tree right in front of it, providing shelter and a nicer view than a parking lot.  Since we found out I have been slowly selling her things on Kijiji and on Facebook so that she can considerably downsize to fit her most needed belongings into that apartment.  We used to live there as well; I know she will have a bit of a time adjusting to the teeny tiny kitchen and the loss of all her cabinets.  I couldn't imagine having to go through my Tupperware and appliances like that and go from having a huge walk in pantry and eat in kitchen to what she is downsizing to.  But that's what she's got to do, and so we are working at it.
Unfortunately, moving her in will be insane with Jacelyn's dance competitions starting May 1st in Edmonton, and again May 4th, and the year end show on May 5th which Jacelyn and Charlie both dance in.  Then we will need to get us ready to move into our place as well during the following weeks after that.  We both thankfully will have the entire month to get to our places, and I'm sure we will all make it through just fine.

I wish I had some pictures of the house to post, and if I do manage to convince Mike to take me there tomorrow I will definitely put some up.  In a way it will be nice to be surprised to see so much done at once.  But dang I am so impatient right now!
Especially with the water that is starting to seep into the basement here.  That just started on Friday, and I have been chipping away at the ice outside where we think the melting is starting from and travelling along the ground to where it is getting inside.  Of course we are crammed in here, and with B sleeping downstairs and the smell of the dirty wet basement carpet being overpowering we all want out even more than before.   I Febreeze it all throughout the day.  Mike ripped back the carpet so we could see where the water was coming in and so that we could suck it up faster without the carpet repeatedly getting soaked.  It got so saturated in fact that at one point, I slipped in the water and my knee went right through the sopping drywall...it was as soft as florist's sponge.
Thankfully, though our storage room is jam-packed, everything is in rubbermaid tubs stacked to the ceiling and not in boxes laying in water.

We are dealing, and I'm thankful for Mike being here to put things into perspective when all I want to do is break down and cry (which I admit I did do a bit)... there is just no time to lose it.  :)  And in truth it all doesn't sound that bad when I write it all down, but I suppose it is just so many things all at once going on in such a short period of time that has me feeling like I'm always forgetting something.

Maybe some fruity drinks in a loud, crowded pub are in order sometime very soon.  Or another night like this one where we had a tropical inspired party to chase away our winter blues a few weeks ago:

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