Monday, April 22, 2013

Mobile Blogging......

Today Brandon made us proud when he received first place in his Jazz piano solo and second in his Instructional piano solo at the Kiwanis Music Festival. He did great and he wasn't nervous at all, which contributed to his high marks the adjudicator said. And because he has been working so hard in school and during his extracurricular time, I bought him a game on the weekend for his XBox that he can connect with his friends with at the same time online.

Jacelyn had her first dance competition this last weekend and did very well too. She got a silver in her Tap trio routine and a Gold in her Jazz large group. She was pretty pumped and is looking forward to competitions in Edmonton next week. She even got to compete against her cousin who danced in the same category so that was exciting as well! Dance will sadly be over for both girls May 5th with the completion of FAME's year end show.
Although Jacelyn will be attending dance camp during the summer, so she can look forward to that to keep her busy while learning some great technique.

Tomorrow is the day we are going to get into the house, come hell or high water. I NEED to see the's been driving me mad. Apparently it looks awesome, according to the builder's wife who wet there today. The tile is up as around the fireplace as well as the kitchen backsplash and the basement is finished save the plumber installing fixtures and mirrors in the bathroom. I'm not sure if shelving has been installed yet but that won't be far behind. A few weeks is all that's left before the movers arrive and we take possession. :)

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