Thursday, September 13, 2012

Week One down of..wait a minute, how many?

This week we made it through all the ups and downs of a busy activity schedule.  We pulled together to get Brandon through the "school refusal" that he was experiencing due to his nervousness of adjusting to a new school and worrying I wouldn't be there to get him after school, and therefore stranding him in the middle of unfamiliar territory.  That was tough, and I have to admit embarrassing with the other kids seeing him go through that at school and gymnastics.  But we are good to go now I think, and he's finally settling in.  With that on our plate it made the rest of the week edgy, and I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow.  Here's what our weekly schedule will be like until May:

Monday: Charlie - dance @ 5:30; crock pot supper ensues.
Tuesday: Charlie - school
               Jacelyn - dance @ 5:30; again with the crock pot.
Wednesday: Brandon - Piano @ 4:30
                                  - Gymnastics @ 6:30 - 8pm; homework in between that time means trying really hard to get the girls to play nice and without much help from me as I am too busy multitasking to care.
Thursday: Jacelyn - dance @ 4:00, 5:30, and again at 7 pm; this time an order for a big pot of chilli or thick soup (tonight I made my famous Italian sausage and orzo soup) should be on the menu to give the crock a break.
Tonight was weird for me because I am trying this Festival (aka: competition) dance program out on Jacelyn, and I was concerned she was going to be overwhelmed by it all.  So I took her at 4:00, sat there for the duration, drove back home at 4:45, went back (in rush hour traffic) for 5:30 and sat there again until 6:15.  We drove home again (in rush hour) and Jacelyn informed me I didn't have to wait around for her during her last Tap class.  Thank the Lord!  I drove her back at 7:00, and she decided I could stay or go, so I stayed.  She was shocked to see me in the waiting area after her class, and I am taking that as a good sign.  Hopefully after making a few more friends she will learn to think of Fame as her second home, and stay there in between her classes.  It is a long time to stay there, but with only 45 minutes in between each class, after our move to College Park there won't be time to go back and forth like that.
So I felt like I went a mile a minute all day.  And here I am blogging after 11:00 pm.  I'm gonna scrapbook too when I'm done; my way of winding down I guess.
Charlie and I go for little strolls some mornings, an activity I wish we did more but I don't feel too safe in this neighborhood between the extra traffic from ongoing construction and the huge amount of large dogs around here, again probably due to the area we live in.  I took my camera on one such adventure and took some cute photos of her downtown.
Charlie's First Day of School

First Day of School!
First Day of Dance
School with Dawsyn
First day of Dance

After this week of firsts I'm ready for a drink.

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