Saturday, September 8, 2012

Time to Play Catch Up!

So much has gone on in the last month, and I can hardly believe that we are already into the second week of September.  I'm really looking forward to settling into the routine of going to school, going to after school activities, and fall/winter crafting.  And of course, building the house.

The summer has seen a lot of ups and downs for me emotionally, and some things I've been working out on my own or with the support of Mike, and my new therapist :). And then there are other situations that are completely out of my control that have me so frustrated and tied up in knots, and all I can do is be a sounding board and a shoulder during hard times.  So I guess I will be both and that will have to satisfy me.

Brandon had a rocky beginning to the new school year, and I'm not in the least surprised by this.  He really misses his old school and his friends.  Even though I attempted to keep his friendships going throughout the summer and he had some sleepovers with his buddies, he still didn't really settle into city life.  It came out that all he wanted to do was go "home".  So after a chat with his new teacher, and another with Brandon, he went back to school on Friday with a bit of a heavy heart but a lighter spirit, and made a few friends as well before the day ended.  Here he is below with his best buddy Carson from Maidstone.

And with the fall approaching, the air is crisping up and becoming fresher in the mornings...a smell I just love, more so than the smell of a good rain.  It brings to mind bright vibrant colors, spiced apples, nights in front of the fireplace with a hot mug of tea, and my fall wardrobe.  Which I dug out of storage gladly this week and was sporting with joy!  I love everything about this season, and the only thing I like better is the joy I feel when the fall turns to winter.  Seeing how this may change as I get older (or so I've been told), I plan on enjoying it until I do!
Fall time also means crafting time, as the kids are in school, leaving me much more time to devote to my hobbies.  I have a lot of things on my plate for the season, including a ruffled throw for Jacelyn's new bed in the new house, some Christmas gifts that include canning my homemade caramel and fudge sauces, and making our gingerbread decorations for our Christmas tree this year.
Yes, the kids and I just finished decorating about 100 small gingerbread men this week, and I will need another batch made up yet before leaving them for weeks to fully dry out.  The idea came to me after seeing a tree completely decorated in gingerbread men of all sizes at a gala event a few years ago.  I fell in love with the homey, wonderfully smelling and downright cuteness of this tree.  I'll include ribbon bows and a simple tree top.  The reason for this is twofold:
1. Our decorations are packed away.
2. Our rental is way to small for our tree, and therefore we will have to find a small one for the meantime.  
As in a 3 or 4 footer.  That's all there is room for in my living room.

It was fun and it took about three days to decorate them all, and we used glitter glue from Martha Stewart as the tips were so small that I was able to add crazy intricate detail.  Only another 100 to go!

On Wednesday we celebrated Jacelyn's seventh birthday, as we were busy on Thursday, her actual birthday.  She received many sets of earrings for her newly pierced ears, and some birthday money that she has been hoarding until she finds "just the right thing to buy someday".

The kids each made two cake pops, and decorated them up and took them home as party favors.  It was a fast and fun way to kill 20 minutes, and it was just right as it was a school night and I didn't want to keep the kids very long.

And Jacelyn received her iPod, which was what she's been waiting for ever since Brandon got his last Christmas.

Jacelyn's best friend, who happens to be the child of my best friend, was the recipient of Jacelyn's "best friend" necklace that she got from her aunti Jenine.  They even go to the same school here in the city, and I'm so grateful for that.

And then we spent the evening on Thursday at Bud Miller Park for the annual Re/Max appreciation BBQ, an event that has been going on for many years that lets the clients of all the realtors know that their business is appreciated and valued.  There are salads to choose from, hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, all of which are all you can eat, tubs full of bottled water and any kind of soda you want, and a freezer full of ice cream goodies as well.  The local dog show comes out with their dogs who are always full of tricks, and there is face painting, goody bags for the kids, tattoos, three different bouncy houses, beads for bracelet and necklace making, and a park to run off all that fun.

It really is a great day, and the kids love going to the BBQ so much.  Mike figures the numbers may have been down this year from around 500 to maybe 400, but still, it was a good time.

So yes, we had a crazy busy week, and I was glad to see it over.  Next week is no better however, with dance beginning for the girls (festival for Jacey which means a lot more work from her), school for Charlie, piano, band, and gymnastics for Brandon, and another birthday party thrown in there for good measure.  The only free day we will have on our schedule is Friday.  I plan on keeping that way if I can!

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