Monday, September 10, 2012

Closet Appeal

One thing that is not lacking in our new house is storage.  We designed it this way purposely as we have a lot of sh....*ahem*, stuff.  There is a closet in the hall, which we stole from the bedroom before creating a new alternate closet, and turned it outwards into the hallway.  A huge linen closet that goes on above the bulk head the stairway naturally makes.  There is yet more storage in the master bedroom closet and even more still in the large walk in pantry, not to mention the massive storage room downstairs.
The only problem I had was with the closet in the front entry.  There wasn't much space; 2'x3' isn't big enough for a family of 5, backpacks, shoes and guests included.  It barely constituted as a broom closet, in my mind.  Our solution to this was to build in a closet around the corner in the garage, leaving the front hall for everyday coats and guests.  I personally wasn't looking forward to the layer of sawdust on everything in that garage closet, but there wasn't much more we could do.
Or so I thought, before the designer came up with a brilliant closet option that I jumped on right away.  The more I look at it the more I wondered how I didn't see it before?

Of course some things we are doing by way of finishing are not in the blueprints, such as moving the island up and inwards, or adding cosmetic changes.  The builder assured me I can change things as they are ready to go in, putting my mind at ease about deciding on them right now at this moment.

We were concerned about the placement of the furniture, with the entry and stairwell on one side, and the only option for the fireplace and TV being on the opposing wall.  We have furniture already picked out, and may just go with two love seats and maybe an accent chair, and have the big sofa in the family room downstairs.  I like this option, as it maximizes the living space without seeming too crowded.  We moved our furniture at home last night to get a feel for it; the living room here is 12x16, almost exactly what we will have there, and it wasn't as bad as we thought.

I'm so excited for things to begin, and power is being trenched in the cul de sacs as I write this post.
 As you can tell, if you've learned anything about me by reading this blog of mine, I jump headfirst into anything that comes my way with passion and with my emotions right out there on my sleeve.  After years of trying to change this with little success, I've been learning that that's just the way I am.  As the build goes on I'm sure I'll post ideas and pictures of things I love, and I'll probably change my mind a dozen times.
If you can keep up with me despite this flaw/attribute of mine, you will be on this new and exciting journey with me all the way!

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