Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How long is this reno going to take??

I will finally have all of my tile this weekend, but it won't be coming from the Lloydminster Home Depot. My aunt and uncle went to Saskatoon on the weekend and picked the rest up for us, and my grandparents will bring them here when they visit this weekend. And it must have been meant to be, as there were only 11 tiles in stock, and that was the amount I needed. That is exciting news for me, and it means that I'm steps away from finishing a project that should have taken two weeks at the most.
Brandon's gymnastics recital is on Thursday, and we are looking forward to finishing that up for the year. It's been a good year for him, and he's really learned alot. I'm glad he likes it so much.
Then on Saturday is Jacelyn's dance recital, and she's excited to be dancing on the 'big stage' to two different styles, tap and jazz. It should be interesting and cute. We'll have company for the weekend as well, and I will be looking forward to sitting down on Sunday night with Mike, just the two of us, and relaxing before another hectic week begins.
Nights are my favorite time of day, when the house is silent and all is still. I can't wait for the nights to become warmer, when I can sit and look at the lights in our pond in the front yard, and listen to the fountains gurgling. I always feel like the evenings are just for me, even when Mike is sitting next to me. It's my time to do what I want to do, without listening to 'Mom, can I', or 'Mom, I want', or 'Mom, ________'s bugging me!!!!'
I used to try to accommodate Mike and share my evenings with him watching something together, or playing a game. But now, I've become completely selfish in my middle years....taking a bath alone with nothing but some candles and the portable dvd on the counter so I can watch a movie (adding more hot water as needed), or scrapbooking the hours away, or even downloading music from ITunes. In the summer, I weed my flower beds by the floodlights on our garage, braving mosquitoes just to have a half hour all to myself. I'd probably do just about anything to get some 'me' time, although I feel super guilty if I leave all the kids with Mike to get groceries in the city alone.
I think tonight Mike and I are going to grout the section of kitchen that can be finished off, and hang the shelf up. I have been filling and sanding holes on the trim work, and will give it some paint as well.
That's the plan anyhow...we'll see how it goes.

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