Monday, April 4, 2011

Jacelyn's Jazz Number

I should have had my camera at the Trade Show for Jacelyn's dance, but I forgot it and had to rely on my Blackberry. Which is an ok outside camera, but it's crummy for inside pictures.
Jacey did well, and she is a very shy performer. Hopefully she will come out of her shell soon. Apparently she dances differently during dance class than in front of people. I'd have stage fright too, if I was her, so I'm not going to come down hard on her. She likes it and that's the important thing.
When I asked her what her favorite thing to do in dance is, she said "shuffle ball change, shuffle hop step!" Whatever that means...she won't even perform it for me. :)
This is how she performed in front of an audience last year at her playschool graduation: notice her tongue in her cheek almost the entire time...

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