Monday, January 17, 2011

Wii Fun

Ever since we got the Wii from Santa 3 years ago, I always thought it would be something fun for any kid of any age...and I'm glad I was right.
We have all had so much fun with it, from Grandma and Grandpa playing bowling all the way down to Charlie pretending to sing along with Brandon on the microphone.
It is always a topic of conversation, and getting a new game at Christmas or on a birthday is an exciting time for the kids (and mom too).
This year's gifts included Pictionary, which has so far proved to be fun for us all, as we go on teams as girls against the guys, and Karaoke Revolution and Just Dance 2, which Brandon is great at and is more fun than I thought it would be.
I like that I feel a little less guilty when the kids are playing a game that gets them to move around and dance. They don't play the Wii too often, which was a concern for me, but instead will turn it on for 10 minutes once in a while. I have gotten some good videos over the years of everyone playing, but after looking at them today, I had to upload the PG rated ones, which means I guess I can never post videos of the adults playing.

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