Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Charlie's Room...Complete!

Well, after a horrible weekend of a raging fever burning Charlie up, I was able to finish painting her room, which I also started on Friday.
We found her a great bed on Kijiji, and with the transition from her crib to a big girl bed I wanted her room repainted, as it was green, and not very girly. I have always wanted to do polka dots, and so I took the plunge and painted the wall brown and painted pink polka dots, the design of them inspired by a doily I once saw.
I ordered fabric from eBay for her bedspread, so am waiting for that yet, and am also waiting on a chandelier that has pink crystals hanging from it.
And poor Charlie, well, her fever finally broke last night, after 4 days of 39 to 40 degrees temperatures. I just couldn't seem to regulate it or break that fever. So I begged to see a doctor yesterday, as they were going to make me wait to see one. Then they called me to come in with her at 2:00pm, and yes, we were right in knowing that there was something behind the fever. She has a terrible throat infection. It goes to show that no one knows their own child like they do, and parents should always trust their gut feelings when it comes to illnesses. It doesn't help when there aren't enough doctors around anymore, and so we have to do what we can, including having some degree of patience with clinic staff and said doctors. But we all know what it's like, bathing feverish little bodies all through the night, keeping watch over them and suffering along with them while we suffer through the grumpiness and misery. It's not fun, and patience wears thin after awhile.
Today is another day, and Charlie is finally leaving the 3 foot perimeter she drew around me. The sun is shining, finally, even though the snow is up to our armpits (well, the kids' anyhow), and so I think it will be a good day today.

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