Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scrapbook Corner...and tea.

Well, all I've managed to get done this morning was a load of laundry and alot of sitting on my rump, extracting files into my scrapbook folder and playing around with some layouts.
I went to Rosetown yesterday to bring my grandma up for a week or so to visit, and on my way back I was hit suddenly with a nasty sinus cold! I spent the entire trip dabbing my eyes, and squinting to see the road ahead of me through my tears! Even though I was wearing sunglasses, the white sky melding with the white snowy fields was almost more than I could bear. I stopped in NBattleford for water, maximum strength halls, and a travel size bottle of Advil. By the time I got home I was feeling better, but had to make it through a meeting that night...and later yet, as we all know how we get when we are sick at night! Worse.
This morning I did not want to get out of bed, and have been scrapbooking ever since with the laptop on my lap. Poor Charlie...I'm not much fun today, even though she is full of a chest cold too, as are the other two.
Scapping always lifts my spirits, with my teapot filled with peppermint tea at my elbow, and the snowy scene out my window to soothe me. You know those commercials with the women taking a sip of tea, slowly lowering the cup just enough to see their smile? Like they know a secret you don't? That's me, drinking my peppermint tea, as anyone who knows me will understand. I have a weird habit of leaving the teabag in my mug the entire time, refilling two or three times, until that poor teabag is nothing but sludgy mush.
Ahhh enough talk of tea, I think I will have another cup.

papers: 2 ps
ladybug elements: dsp

QP paper: raspberry road designs
word and elements: 2 ps in a bucket

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