Thursday, January 6, 2011

The first post of 2011!

This year has gone by so fast that I'm left wondering where it went. When one has to look in picture folders to remember the dates of events from the past year, obviously something is wrong! I found myself doing just that, as the last two years seem to run into each other. Only my pictures can offer proof of the happenings in our life here in Maidstone!
I went to the school this morning to help with tying skates for Jacelyn's Kindergarten class, and was able to pawn Charlie off on a pregnant friend on the sidelines so I could help her out on the ice. It was her first time on skates, and, after falling for the 30th time,she finally caught on half way through. I was able to watch her from the sidelines, shuffling along with her friends. It was adorable and I was very proud of her. I wish I had had my camera, and of course I didn't, but I will be sure to take it next week. There was something so sweet and innocent in watching her skate hand in hand with her friends, taking each other down and helping each other back up, and I'd like to capture that.
I have been working on updating my albums, and have done quite a bit so far.
Here is one page that I completed last night.
elements from 2ps

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