Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer in the City

Saturday afternoon happenings with the Dewing's. A paddling pool cool down, some singing, watering the flowers and a football game in Edmonton for the boys. 
It is the first hot day here in the city: a breezy 28. :)
Charlie looks to be on the mend after suffering from a horrible ear and throat infection, which produced a steady 39.4 fever for over 24 hours, and a canker sore that was from the trauma to her mouth after her face plant at the wedding last weekend. Between the two, getting her to drink to stay hydrated was a challenge. But after 72 hours she's starting to come round. 
Filling the days this July keeping the kids from getting too bored may be a challenge with no yard and so I picked up some cheap alternatives: extra bubbles and some bubble guns, a small paddling pool, a cheap playhouse made out of vinyl and PVC pipe, and some coloring things. That should get me thru a week. :)
 In the meantime I should have some very clean gravel.

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