Monday, June 24, 2013

Nice Day For A Wedding

On Friday we travelled down to Melfort for a family wedding. The drive was long (and longer still due to many stops for various child related issues). Everything about the weekend was nice: the weather, the wedding, the food and the visiting. The weather behaved despite forecasts that said otherwise, and the kids had an absolute blast. Until three dances into the wedding dance when Charlie fell on her face, resulting in her teeth going into her upper lip.

Back to the hotel she and I went after icing it up in the bathroom. We iced it some more and snuggled while she watched a movie and fell asleep. At least she had fun! I learned later that one of her main concerns that kept her crying was her vanity: "I don't want to have a fat lip...I will be uuuuuggglllyyyy" as she sobbed on my shoulder. :) Lucky for her, she found out how generous mommy can be with mouth injuries..she got to have a nice cold Popsicle before brunch!
After the weekend we were ready to go home, and when we did we realized that the hotel staff had thrown away a bag of clothing they I guess mistook for garbage.  When we travel I like to keep the dirty laundry separate. Seeings how Mike brought the luggage inside the house and tossed the laundry in the baskets I didn't notice how little laundry there was until I took it down to wash it. My dress clothes and Charlie's new party dress among other things were missing and I had that sinking feeling. 
We really aren't surprised. Hotel wise it was a nightmare and we stayed at the worst hotel we have ever stayed at. Mike told me to pick it and I chose it for the swimming pool and the "continental breakfast". 
Really I won't go into it all except to say a few key points:
*no toilet paper
*moldy coffee in the coffee pot (twice,seeing as we changed rooms the night we got there because the room was so dirty)
*dried pee and pubes on the toilet seat
*washed plastic breakfast cutlery
*charged our card twice for the wrong, more expensive room and couldn't figure how to refund it back. 
That last one took the cake and the manager got an earful. Not to mention the troubles our family had in their rooms as well. But hey, it was all a part of the adventure and all around it was great to get out of town for a while. 
The bride was beautiful and Riley was all smiles. It was a great wedding.

Thanks Tyra for letting me use your pics as mine weren't as good as yours. ;)

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