Sunday, June 9, 2013

Finally Getting some Things Done!

I have finally been able to do some things around the house. After an entire week of Croup for Charlie, I was able to relax with a tea and rent a movie with my wife-deprived husband. It was such a glorious feeling knowing Chuck was on the mend thanks to the ER trip for some steroids to open up her airways. So we totally vegged-out and munched on some BBQ chips and laughed our buns off watching "Identity Theft"--highly recommend btw. 
Today I was able to go to the store to restock up on our weekly staples of fruit and veggies and milk and I even got in some lunch hour time with my mom. I got some things rearranged at the house, did laundry, made supper and washed the floors. Now as I sit here blogging Charlie is sitting with me, a snack on her lap and she doesn't look like a zombie anymore!
What happened was an adverse side effect to her meds that was causing extreme anxiety, restlessness, sore legs and head, super grouchiness and she was very very exhausted. It was so out of character that I stopped the meds. I personally don't feel she needed antibiotics anyways, but if a secondary infection starts to rear it's ugly head we will head back. AND ask not to ever be on Azithromycin again. :)
So the pics above are things I was doing in the house today. Hopefully soon I can take some good pics with my camera and really show the house off. 

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