Thursday, March 7, 2013

We have Cabinets!

Basement Bar and double vanity cabinets

Kitchen Island cabinet color: Irish Cream with a coffee stain (mmmm sounds like Bailey's and Coffee to me)

Kitchen and butler's pantry cabinets and vanities

The comfy chocolate brown furniture we found on Kijiji. 
Lots of stuff is going on and we can't wait to walk through the house on Friday as some cabinets should have made it out of their boxes and into my kitchen! ;)  The island is Irish Cream as is the butler's pantry.  But the rest of the cabinets along the wall and the three vanities will be espresso.
And we love our new furniture so much that I glued some things called "Soft Paws" onto Jimmy's back claws to stop him from putting any (more) scratches on it.  He ran back and forth a few times and I cried when I saw the scratch marks.  Some shoe polish did the trick but still I was mad.  So called the vet to talk about removing his back claws as he already has the front ones out.  I decided to give the little rubber claw things a try first.  So far so good!  And they are supposed to last a few months so will see.  If not, then to Turtleford we go!

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