Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A-Stippling we Go...

Last week the crew was in stippling the ceilings.  And yesterday the priming was done as well as the painting where the kitchen cabinets go and the bar cabinets downstairs.  The cabinets are in and will be installed soon.  I just want it all to be finished soon so I can put everything where it all belongs.  Thankfully the storage room here is really big and we have made great use of it, piling Rubbermaid containers 4 and 5 tubs high to the ceiling in there.
We had our hearts and eyes set on a gorgeous living room couch and love seat from La-Z-Boy, and instead found a less than one year old set on Kijiji in a deep chocolate brown leather from the Brick.  And for a fraction of the cost we decided to grab them up and get the La-Z-Boy stuff in a few years when we can put the new stuff downstairs and get rid of our "made in India" bonded leather set.  With that decision made we just need to now finish paying for all of the appliances.  The rest will all fall into place as we play the waiting game. :)

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  1. It looks like a house now. Getting closer to move in day. How exciting.