Tuesday, March 26, 2013

House Build

Well, this is where we are at now at this stage.  The counter tops are underway and look really good, and now we will just play a waiting game to hear about whether or not some of our ceilings will be fixed due to the look of the drywall.  So far any opinions we have had from friends suggest that yes, the ceiling shouldn't look like that and if it were them they would have it redone.  Ah well, I guess we will wait for our builder to come back from some holidays and then see what he says about it ( ceilings were contracted out to a dry walling company ).   I am hoping that if the ceilings need to be fixed, which will put back the floor installation as they wouldn't be installed until after all the stippling was redone, that they won't push us back too far from the moving date of May.  I honestly don't see the ceilings much right now as I'm too busy looking at how great everything else looks!

If it weren't for this crack looking like it wasn't taped and mudded and the extra stipple on this area not cracking we would have probably left the ceiling alone.  As it is, this large unfinished edge is right in the living room and is unacceptable to us, meaning the entire ceiling from the tip of the vault needs to be scraped down to this point in order to re-stipple properly... the stipple wouldn't match up otherwise.  
A good hiding spot!
This shot just shows how prominent the joins are in the ceiling, which we were told is just too prominent.  In the evening it is even more pronounced.
These next two shots show the ceiling at different angles, upstairs and down.

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