Thursday, March 14, 2013

House Build

We stopped by the house to take a peek on the progress, and there hasn't been any that is really relevant at all.  Except that we have light bulbs in the recessed lighting in the basement and the interior doors were delivered.  Those are great things, but I was really hoping to see some cabinets out of their boxes and on our walls.  They were supposed to have been started last Friday, and so we are thinking that the installers must be really busy at another job and just haven't had the time to tackle ours yet.  Patience just isn't my best virtue and I want to see what we picked out, dang it! :)
We also saw a few infractions with the dry-walling,  or rather lack of tape and mud in a certain (large) area that the painter/stippler should have seen before doing their jobs.  So we made a note of that and are moving on! :)
On the up side of the visit, it was nice seeing the gorgeous doors we picked out.  I really love this style; it reminds me of the doors at our family cabin at Brightsand Lake, and the doors in my grandparent's old farmhouse.  The difference is the modern twist of the square cut rather than a bevel in the recessed panel on the door.  And I can't wait to see them painted darker than the wall: that is something that I have only seen but never attempted...but hey, it's only paint.

I thought I would share this little beaut of a picture!

This concrete pad is stamped to look like paving stones for a fraction of the cost.  Seeing as Mike wants another paved patio, and I really don't like the thought of spending the money on it, we compromised and I really like this look; it's grown on me more since I saw it last!  And the colors can be varied in the concrete after wards to give it a more realistic look.
I think I really want to do this!  What do you all think?


  1. Yes Tash I do like this. Would this be your driveway or just in the backyard as you patio. Would you still have a deck too.

    1. This would be the patio off the smallish deck. The deck will hold the smoker and to maximize small city lot we will do this stamped pad.