Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Scrapbook Corner

papers: "grow" @ sweet shop designs
elements: "grow" , "blooming", and "no place like home" @ sweet shop designs

It felt so good to be starting on some new scrapbook layouts that I managed to get two done today!
Simply titled "Cousins", I was happy with the color combination and they seemed cheerful for a layout that is all about kids.  I love combining colors and textures together, but with digital scrapping it's hard to relay textiles through a computer screen.  So I add shadowing when I can to bring an item to the foreground with a bit of 3D effect to get that feeling of something across to the viewer.  That way, when I print out the 12x12 page for my scrapbook, people actually touch the picture to see what that stitch or this ribbon feels like.  Only to find that they are indeed just a part of the picture.

Next project in mind: taking the kids out into the snow and warmer temperatures to get some cool winter shots.  I will definitely be using my polarizing lens to better capture that stark contrast between snow and blue sky that makes you want to catch you breath.  Stay tuned. :)

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