Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flat Warts...a cure!

I have been waiting for three years to say that Jacelyn's skin has cleared up from the one hundred plus warts that have been covering her face and hands.

Most of our family didn't even know she was suffering from them as we didn't say much or want her to be constantly showing people for fear that it would cause her to become self-conscious over time.
And this past month at a family function it finally happened: she began getting teased over the bumps on her skin.  Shortly prior to this the warts had been getting attention at school as well.  She began to cry over the look of her skin, as she had been told that someone they knew died from them.
I laughingly explained to her again what they were and that they would take years to go away but that no, they weren't fatal.
Last summer I took her to a dermatologist, who put her on a heartburn medication three times daily.  The disgusting concoction made me feel sick, and I felt horrible at giving it to her constantly.  She would gag and retch but soon became accostomed to it as she knew there was no other choice.  Every two weeks I had to refill the solution at the pharmacy, which costed us about 40.00 per month.
This was supposed to last three weeks to three months.  Nothing was happening, and they were spreading down her face to her neck by this point.  So back we went, and he not only put her on an acid solution for her face, but he saw that Charlie had a few spots as well and prescribed her the same acid and heartburn medication.
So I did some all know how I LOVE to do that.
What I found disturbed me regarding the continuous use of the Cimetidine medication, which included decreased natural bile and acid secretion into the stomach and creating problems down the road due to that.  Then the next day I was shocked: her skin was peeling profusely and was painful; a chemical burn was forming before my eyes.
I of course couldn't take her to Edmonton to the derm again on short notice and so went to the pharmacist.  His direction: stop it, immediately, he said.  He said it shouldn't even been prescribed.
My eyebrows shot up at this! Really, I said.  Now what??
He took me aside and asked had I tried a more natural, herbal go at the warts.  No, I hadn't.  Tea Tree Oil, he said, and got me a bottle.
So I took it home and started applying it three times a day...which is over three hundred dots to poke at with an oil drenched Q-tip, my friends.  :)
After a week of this I stumbled upon an website called "Amoils", or Healing Natural Oils.

I read all the reviews and my finger hovered over the "Buy Now" button.. what if it's a scam, I thought?
I just had to try, and so I bought a little bottle.
Firstly for a month nothing happened.  I was dejected; I felt scammed and cheated.  Then the warts grew and got red, where as before the clusters were noticeable but at least only up close.  Now they looked like horrible acne.  People were always concerned and asking what happened to her face?  Then, two weeks later, they started to flake away.
We are now half way through a bit of a bigger bottle, and she is almost completely wart FREE.
Each day I can't believe my eyes, as for a month they seemed to be doing nothing.  But the key is consistency, and not to miss dabbing the oil on the warts three times a day.
I strongly urge any of you to give it a try...planter's, flat (plane), or any kind of wart you may have.
There are only five ingredients, and all of them are essential oils, including Tea Tree Oil.

This morning I took the final pictures as there are only markings really that are left, and by the way the rest disappeared I'm expecting those to be gone in a week as well.




As I said, I fully expect Jacey's skin to be back to normal in the next week or so. 



  1. That's such great news Tash and Jace!!! Love you all and miss you badly!

  2. WOW!! Cant believe the difference, just shows your own research can be more productive than listening to a specialist!

    I bet Jace feels like a million bucks now :)

  3. Wow, I had no idea. I'm always surprised the horrible medications perscribed for children and adults. That is amazing... and good to know because there is something about kids and warts... I don't think anyone can avoid them.

  4. Definitely unavoidable: warts are caused by the HPV virus which almost all of us have. When they decide to break out is anyone's guess.