Saturday, February 9, 2013

Looks like a house, yep it's a house.

In the last few weeks a lot has been done.  The last of the framing has been done, giving us a huge closet next to the butler's pantry.  I have plans for that one: big items like toilet paper, paper towel, light bulbs and my numerous cleaning supplies will be housed there.
Walking around today was wonderful (if we didn't have to listen to three children bickering and fighting in the background). 
I had some kind of bacterial nastiness in my tonsils and glands, making the most part of my week miserable.  To top it all off Mike was gone for three of them to a conference in Calgary.  Now that most of that has passed I have gotten caught up on all my housework, and even washed down some walls in preparation to get moved out and into our new house in a few months.

View of the entryway with the corner coat closet.

Main floor hallway

Entryway again; lots of light coming through which makes us happy

Living room

Looking through the living room to the dining room.  Hi guys!

Kitchen.  You can just make out the drawings for the half-hexagonal island on the floor

Butler's pantry to the right and closet to the left.

This is the home of my future Gallery wall display.  Very excited about that.

Charlie in the corner of the entry coat closet.
This week the rest of the drywall will be finished, and the front porch is coming along nicely too.  It faces east and I'm looking forward to years of sitting curled up with my tea out there.  It will be one of my favorite places I'm sure.

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